Un ritmo, una empresa

Taller de team building donde creamos un espacio de confort para integrar y cohesionar el equipo de trabajo a través de la música. Analizamos y verbalizamos la experiencia vivida encontrando paralelismos entre el círculo de percusión y el mundo empresarial.

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques workshop where we reinstore the well-being in the person. This workshop is entirely practical. Basic relaxation techniques based on body language and Preventive Therapy. No previous musical knowledge is required.

Focused Creativity

Workshop where creativity is an engine which adds value to the company. We work in groups depending on customers needs. In the first part of the workshop we dedicate time to learn some creative techniques like Brainstorming…

Stress management

Prevention and stress management workshop within the framework of Psychosocial Risks Prevention in company. It consists of 25% theory and 75% experiential. In the first part of the workshop we evaluated personal resources to confront stress.

Emotionaly sustainable corporations

Workshop to recognize your own emotions and others by facilitating communication . It consists of 25% theoretical and 75% experiential . In the first part of the workshop we spend some time to integrate and unite the team through music.

Wellness: Therapeutic Process

Through the various resources offered music as therapy work in therapeutic processes of individual, group or systemic character to get the physical and emotional wellbeing.